Encaustic Delight

Kate Bell has created some stunning spaces with the use of the encaustic tiles. Kate has a great eye for detail and works closely with her clients ensuring the final results are exactly what the client wanted. The Grey Arabesque was used in one of  Kate's projects and looks incredible.The bathroom is so sophisticated and the use of the encaustic patterned tile has given the bathroom  a warmth and an exotic touch.The pattern is simple however the impact is huge. With the second project, Kate has put together a completely unique and different look using 2 patterns together with the My Azule encaustic tile on the floor and a fabulous wallpaper on the wall. The combination is exciting and inspiring with both designs complimenting each other .The Grey Indian Earth was used in the bathroom and is a timeless design that works so well with a simple white surround. Each design has its own personality and can create a completely different look. www.katebelldesign.com


Kate Bell Design 3

Kate Bell Design4

Kate bell Design 7

Kate bell Design 8

Kate bell 10

Kate Bell11