Let’s think outdoor tiles!!

Wether it’s outdoor dining with family, fun filled bbqs and brunches on the porch or deck, entertaining friends at an outdoor bar in a courtyard you just want to spend all your days in, an outdoor space that is your sanctuary your oasis, perhaps an outdoor bath area and lets not forget the lush pool area. It is all these spaces, the outdoor spaces that has become the number one focus in a new build or renovation.
Think outdoor space…think outdoor tiles!
Outdoor tiles have become a key factor when creating these outdoor spaces.
Jatana Interiors sources beautiful tiles from all over the world and it is with this in mind that all tiles from our range can indeed be used as outdoor tiles. Imagine the earthy warm textures of terracotta under foot as you soak up the atmosphere of your beautiful courtyard, or perhaps feel the enchantment and character of antique tiles as you set up the table to dine, let’s think modern and edgy and fill the space with colour and vibrancy from a design within the reproduction tiles, and of course bring any space alive with the stunning glazed feature tiles or Moroccan tiles.

Anywhere, use the tiles anywhere as outdoor tiles.

We want to see what you can create using outdoor tiles in your space and please use this page for your inspiration.

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