They say you should love all your children equally and not pick favourite’s but here, in our family of tiles, we are unashamed to say that we most definitely have a favourite style and that is, of course, the one and only Antique encaustic. There is nothing that compares to the magic of antique tiles, they are literally bursting at the seams with tales and stories from hundreds of years, their character built with each and every step that has been taken upon them, layered with history past, present and future. Irreplaceably imperfect and forever endearing.

Jatana antique encaustic tiles are lovingly rescued and carefully salvaged from buildings around the world including hotels, churches, public spaces, and old homes. Sonya literally scours the globe in her quest to bring you the most incredible range of antique tiles and it is this dedication that makes Jatana the largest importer of antique encaustic tiles in Australia. Sonya’s global tile journey sees her sourcing tiles from lands far and wide including Morrocco, Cuba, Rajasthan, the Middle East, and Southern Europe.

Being rare, old and handmade, antique encaustic tiles bring a unique feeling of depth and meaning to any space, be it interior or exterior, to which they are applied, their history, beauty and imperfections simply cannot be replicated and this is what we love most about this style of tile! They are a style that transcends the vast myriad of interior aesthetics and they look as equally at home in a bohemian bathroom as they do in a minimalist one, they are timeless… in fact these extraordinary tiles truly are the keepers of time itself.

Incorporating antique tiles into your home is simple, selecting the right one is a little harder they are all so easy to fall head over heels in love with! The Jatana range is abundant with options from monochromatic antique tiles right through to heavily patterned, jewel-toned really does come down to personal choice and to working with your spaces pre-existing finishes and colour tones. We are always on hand to help out and offer out of the box inspiration!

Antique tiles are hardwearing, they are a testament to the quality of the craftsmanship from times long past, an ode to the skill of the artisans that have gone before us! They are perfect for tiling any space in your home or business whether it be interior or exterior. From kitchens to laundries right through to fashion boutiques and artisan bakeries there isn’t a space that doesn’t come alive when tiled in antique Jatana tiles.

The element that we both love and loathe most about our incredible antique tile beauties is the fact that once a style is gone it is gone forever… short-lived in our hands but forever in yours! These gorgeous tiles that fleetingly pass through our showroom are our passion and once you have held them, seen them, and lived with them you too are sure to become captivated by these tiles from years long ago that hold such presence in the Modern world of today.