The connotations of the word Reproduction aren’t at all flattering or inspiring but to us, at Jatana Interiors our Reproduction Encaustic Tile Range is considered an ode to the charm and magic of those long lost antique tiles that we just can’t get enough of, as well as a celebration of Sonya’s incredible design sensibilities! The word Reproduction when uttered in our showroom is a most exciting and vibrant word filled with potential and endless possibility!

The Jatana Reproduction Tile Range is based on a similar style to the Antique Tiles that we offer, abundant with colour, pattern, and character that is sure to create not only an impact but an inviting atmosphere and mood in any space be it a home, a dimly lit bar or a bustling restaurant. They are as perfect for enhancing the beauty of an old apartment block as they are for adding elegance to a modern unit, there really isn’t much these tiles can’t do.

We often get asked where the designs come from for the unique tiles that grace our Reproduction Encaustic Tile Range and the answer is from the ever inspired mind of Sonya Marish. Influenced (always) by the ocean, her travels, nature, and everything in between Sonya is constantly designing, drawing, and creating new designs for the always evolving Jatana Tile Range. Her passion for bold colours and unexpected combinations are evident in her designs that are sure to make you smile and swoon in equal measure!!

The Reproduction Encaustic Tile Range is in parts a homage to those super exclusive and gone in a fleeting moment Antique Tiles that Sonya lovingly sources and collects (like treasure) from around the globe. These thousands of year old tiles often win over hearts and minds (they are phenomenal!!) with their vintage magic and timeworn, story filled patina however they are very limited, and once gone there will rarely be another like it, a scenario that often ends in heartache! Thus the Reproduction Range was born, influenced by the palette, designs, and style of our (and your) favourites from the Antique Range plus many more.

Our vast range of Reproduction Tiles has been designed with a wide scope of interior styles and aesthetics in mind, there really is something for everyone and every space be it big or small, indoors or out, commercial or private. We would love to have you visit our showroom and fall in love with the tiles in this range for yourself, the hardest part is choosing because they are all so exquisitely perfect and easy to fall head over heels in love with! Sonya is always adding new tile styles to the range so please join our mailing list to keep up to date with all the inspiring dreamy tile magic!