Add timeless elegance to your brand with Antique Shop Tiles.

Jatana rare antique tiles look ravishing and ever so beautiful in any home interior. However, our dreamy antique tiles, steeped with the secrets and history of years gone by, are not just for the home, they can be used with breathtaking results in both commercial and retail spaces.

The beauty of these vintage tiles is that they create a warm, timeless elegance that makes your space, your consumer and your brand radiate with a relaxed yet ever so chic vibe.

We at Jatana tiles are fortunate enough to be located in the Hinterland of Byron Bay and from our tile filled studios often get the chance to collaborate on retail design projects with some of Byron Bays most amazing designers.

The easy breezy elegance of Byron fashion well and truly extends itself to the interiors of the towns retail brands and their extraordinary boutiques. Jatana antique tiles create a perfect harmony between the vintage, bohemian style fashion of these brands and the whitewashed, exposed wood, clean-lined yet warmly earthy style of their boutiques.

he gorgeous Spell boutique, a much-loved staple in the town, relocated last year to stunning new premises on the outskirts of the CBD that include a cactus-filled courtyard and an inspiring light-filled, textural paradise of a retail store.

In this phenomenal space, both our terracotta tile and vintage tiles have been used within the exterior of the store’s design. Jatana terracotta tiles sit alongside cacti, antique mirrors and rustic day beds in the Spell courtyard. Whilst a charming and delicately toned antique Jatana tile sits centre stage at the entrance of this magnificent boutique. This carefully considered tile selection means that the interior and exterior of the boutique, whilst separate entities, work harmoniously together to personify the luxe bohemian elegance of the brand.

Another gorgeous Byron Bay boutique that is known for its boho dresses and flowing kimonos is Arnhem, who’s flagship retail store sits in the centre of the hustle and bustle of Byron town. This freshly revamped boutique is a mix of antique statement pieces, calm white walls, indoor greenery and of course some statement-making antique Jatana tiles A soft neutral toned antique tiles has been used within the Arnhem boutique interior to add a subtle yet incredibly elegant hint of pattern and bohemian chicness. Again, it is this use of Jatana antique tiles that personifies to perfection the feminine yet bohemian style of the Arnhem brand.

There are so many incredible and dreamy antique tiles within the Jatana range that would be magnificent for use within both retail and commercial spaces. These truly unique tiles offer a sense of otherworldly magic like nothing else, because in truth, there is nothing else just like them in this world! Each extraordinary tile has lived an enchanted life and it is this powerful sentiment of timelessness that makes it ideal for adding personality and elegance to any boutique, home or commercial space.