Bathrooms seem to be on the top of everyone’s design list currently, and at Jatana, we have seen some extraordinary spaces come to life over the years. This year from a design perspective, we have noticed a move towards brighter tones and patterns and many bathroom projects that feature a mixture of tile styles within the one space! We are relishing the new year and its influential design trends.

Interior design is just one of the many things that the pandemic has impacted, and bathroom trends are no exception. All the extra time spent in our homes means bathrooms have become a sanctuary.

This influences trends in bathroom tiles, lighting, textures, patterns, and colours. If you’re spending your days wondering — what are the latest tile trends for bathrooms? Here they are! 


Gone are the days of traditional whites and beiges in the bathroom. Now we make way for bolder and braver bathroom designs, with colour choice paving the way. Trending bathroom tile colours include pinks, blues, greens, and blacks. Opting for bold Reproduction Tiles, Antique Tiles, or Glazed Tiles for bathroom floors is one of the biggest trends to look out for in 2022, creating a unique, memorable experience every time you step into the bathroom.


Thanks to the pandemic, with so much time spent indoors in recent years, bringing the outdoors into your home has become a much-loved trend in interior design. This trend is no different when it comes to bathrooms. Drawing inspiration from the outdoors refers to plants a plenty and the use of natural materials such as earthy Terracotta Tiles that add a rustic and grounding feeling.


One of the biggest bathroom tile trends for 2022 is patterned tiles (yes, we are VERY excited about this here at Jatana!!!) Tiles have the power to transcend your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary in an instant. Tiled feature walls are becoming the most popular way to achieve this, both in the shower or for wall splashbacks. If you’re looking for a simple way to refresh your bathroom in 2022, adding Antique Tiles, Moroccan Tiles, or Reproduction Tiles with fun patterns, bold colours, or unique shades is the way to go; luckily, we have plenty of colour and pattern to choose from!!