Bits and Pieces

BITS ‘N PIECES A.K.A ‘the bargain bin’

I think it’s safe to say that we all have a lot of bits…when I say ‘bits’, I mean clutter, I mean extra stuff, I mean the leftovers! It is, after all, part of the tiles journey, that some are left behind after orders have gone out, not on purpose of course and usually not huge amounts. I have sat back realising as much as I love our random selections, our random piles of tiles, it’s really time to free up the space and move these collections on and into places like yours; where they will be featured with glory!

With all that in mind, consequently, for the first time in 8 years I’ve decided Jatana Interiors is having a sale on ALL the bits! Only now do I realise actually how many BITS we have!! While I consciously or maybe subconsciously ignore the random encaustic, antique, glazed and terracotta tiles that lay around the sheds either on shelves or in nooks and crannies for all these years (I secretly love clutter and all things messy!) I think it is time to acknowledge their need for a new home and therefore I am very happy to share my bits.

It is actually quite exciting to now venture into this realm of the “bits and pieces” as I discover there are still many more beautiful designs available to sell. I have loved going for adventures into the sheds and exploring the piles, coming up with designs that really deserve more than collecting dust in one of my sheds. While they may be leftovers from past stock, this does not mean that they are less important, if anything, perhaps even more of a treasure especially now as they go on sale. They hold their exquisite beauty and are so ready to travel elsewhere…they told me! Sonya it’s time, we want a new home!!

Now don’t be shy to mix and match what you see in the bits and pieces category! Why not discover the fun of a patchwork using antiques or reproduction tiles, or add a splash of flair and colour to your kitchen, bathroom or laundry with some glazed feature tiles. It is now time to give your home that refresh you have been wanting, and with these tiles on sale it makes it an easier option!

All encaustic, antique or glazed tiles are perfect for: fireplaces, borders of any area, kitchen splashbacks and bench tops, doormat and tile rugs and any under-cover areas like patios, verandahs and bbq areas. While there are so many options, you can still get so creative with your patterns and your layout. I LOVE seeing how people choose to display their tiles along with their own bits and pieces to compliment the space.

The beauty of these tiles is that they will NOT age and if anything, improve with age.

Check out our Sale – Bits ‘N Pieces page on our website to see all the available beautiful tiles now on sale.

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