Bits and Pieces

BITS ‘N PIECES A.K.A ‘the bargain bin’

I think it’s safe to say that we all have a lot of bits…First of all when I say ‘bits,’I mean clutter, I mean extra stuff, I mean the leftovers… Consequently, for the first time in 8 years Jatana Interiors are having a sale on ALL our bits! Only now do I realise actually how many BITS we have !! While I consciously or maybe subconsciously ignore the random encaustic, antique, glazed tiles that lay around the sheds either on shelves or in the nooks and crannies for all these years… (I secretly love clutter and all things messy…) I think  it is time to acknowledge their need for a new home and therefore I have to share my bits.

While they are leftovers from past stock, this does not mean that they are less important to any other encaustic tile. They hold beauty like no other and are so ready to travel elsewhere… They told me… 

All encaustic tiles, antique or glazed tiles are perfect for: fireplaces, borders of any area, kitchen bench tops, doormats, tile rugs. While there are so many options, you can still get so creative with your patterns and your layout. We LOVE seeing how people choose to display their tiles. The beauty of our  tiles is that they are waterproof and will NOT age (if you follow our installation guide which we include in every order we send out.) In conclusion check out our Bits ‘N Pieces page on our website to see all the available beautiful encaustic tiles. 

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