Our Tile Bargain Sale bin is like no other! In the bits and pieces of life’s beautiful clutter is where the real treasures can be found. In those precarious piles that you know oh so well are there but you choose to consciously (or subconsciously) leave alone to sit ever so patiently in their nooks and crannies collecting the dust of time and the tales of the world that revolves around them, there is many a joy to be unearthed. It is safe to say that I love these bits and pieces most of all, their company and familiarity, these random piles of encaustic, rare antique, glazed and terracotta tiles that have become like old friends to me, albeit ones that I haven’t seen in a while! Looking about I have come to the realisation that my adoration of these bits and pieces, these piles that I have left here and there over the years have become more than a little numerous and dare I say it the world of Jatana Interiors has become over cluttered!

It is time dear friends to offer to you for sale my most coveted bits and pieces, my favourite leftovers from past projects and orders, my beloved random piles of tiles. They are ready, much to my heartache, to venture forward into this exciting big world, your glorious world perhaps?! With this sentiment at the forefront of my heart, for the first time in the history of Jatana Interiors, I have decided to have a bits and pieces TILE BARGAIN SALE in order to free up a little space and share my various little piles of joy with you all.

It has been quite the adventure and one that I have relished, days spent in the long forgotten back corners of my sheds covered in cobwebs, dust and dirt ecstatically exploring these piles that I have accumulated. Reacquainting myself with long lost patterns and colourways,  remembering the moments spent with them and the projects created using them, listening to the stories they have to tell and running my hand over the memories they hold in their most magnificent facades. I am always in awe of the ease at which these tiles maintain their timelessness, they are as effortlessly relevant today as they were the day they were made and are sure to look just as breathtaking in your home tomorrow as they do at this very moment!

The fact that they are leftover bits and bobs doesn’t make them any less important or special, in fact, it makes them more so, especially now they are also on sale! These are tiles that have sat patiently waiting their turn in the spotlight, for their chance to be the perfect unearthed treasure for someone’s concept, exciting idea or a charming feature in a much-loved home. These piles, these bits and pieces are so much more than old tile remnants, they are new beginnings, perfect fits and can’t get you out of my mind tiles waiting to be discovered and coveted by their new owner.

What would one do with a  small pile of tiles you wonder? Just imagining the endless possibilities fills me with excitement. The extraordinary patchwork or smaller scale projects you could create from these exquisite, forever classic tiles are limitless.

All encaustic, antique or glazed tiles are perfect for splashbacks, fireplace surrounds, kitchen borders, bench tops and oh so much more. When navigating our bits and pieces sale section don’t be daunted by the myriad of varied patterns, colours and styles this is the magic of treasure hunting at its very best.

Whether its a just a few tiles to add a splash of colour or pattern into your kitchen or a jumbled mix of tiles for a patchwork project you are sure to find something that will take your breath away within the bits and pieces section. With so many different antique and reproduction tiles on sale it is the perfect time to get creative and refresh your home.

There is nothing that I love more than seeing Jatana encaustic, vintage, antique and glazed tiles featured in peoples spaces alongside the collected ephemera of their lives. The joy that comes from witnessing the varied interpretations, ideas and uses of these bits and pieces tiles makes it just that tiny bit easier for me to part with them. From laundries to bathrooms right through to outdoor showers, gardens and verandahs there isn’t a space that wouldn’t look more incredible with the perfect feature tile or two. These are tiles that age gracefully, their beauty shines more radiantly as the years go by and their presence becomes ever so familiar as they entwine themselves into the story of your life…just as my bits and pieces piles of tiles are my old friends so too will they become yours.

This is a most exciting adventure to embark on with you all, a sale of my most lovingly curated, adored bits and pieces of Jatana treasure. As time goes by and I discover new piles on shelves in corners and who knows where else, they will be added to this bits and pieces section so be sure to visit it every so often as you never know just what I may stumble across in my “archives” xx