Fabulous New Floors and Walls.

Fabulous New Floors and Walls.

I absolutely love receiving images of finished projects. Spaces that have had a lot of time and thought put into them. The encaustic tiles being a major part of the design aspect. Finishes all based on the colour and design of the pattern tile chosen. So many designs to choose from making the decision always a little difficult!!!! Similarly many will work and to narrow it down to one is definitely hard! Moreover I spend time with many clients in my showroom working with my encaustic tile range and trying to find the best design for them. It is then always rewarding to receive images of finished projects that look so incredible. Furthermore encaustic tiles are the perfect way to bring colour and design into your space and make it extra beautiful.


Moroccan mosaic bathroom 3

Mud Honey Black Starrt NightMud Honey

Babyspa Perth

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Reproduction encaustic tiles.

We have just received 2 new reproduction encaustic tiles that look old however they are new! They have been made to look aged and would suit an environment where an older looking tile is required. These encaustic tiles have been had made in the traditional way and are the perfect way to bring some charm and character into a space. The colours in the antique reproduction encaustic tiles have a muted  patina for those who would prefer more of a monochrome scheme without the colours being so black and white. The Chateau and Berlin encaustic tiles are now available in our reproduction range.

Chateau Reproduction

Berlin reproduction

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Encaustic Tiles at Atlantic Byron Bay

The Atlantic Guesthouse in Byron Bay is the most stunning place to stay. Whether it is just for a special night or a romantic getaway weekend or a family holiday there is a choice of accommodation for all. The rooms are so tastefully done with every detail considered and perfectly placed. Kimberley Amos and husband Stephen are the creators and the stylists of this Caribbean style guest house. The atmosphere is relaxed  and idyllic and one of the newest additions are 4 rooms with their own private courtyard tiled with Encaustic Tiles. Each room has a different patterned tile design giving each space a different feel. It is an absolute joy to walk around the entire property located in the heart of Byron Bay. The reception area, bathrooms and kitchen islands have also been adorned with encaustic tiles from my range and each and every spare is stunning. It is really unique and with the broad range of accommodation options there is something for everyone. 01

Atlantic Byron Bay 1

Atlantic Blue Tango BathroomAtlantic Villa Rosa BathroomCubic Bathroom Atlantic

Atlantic Urban Diamond


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Encaustic tiles in situ.

I always love to receive images of the encaustic tiles once laid in place. It honestly gives me so much joy to see how a space evolves from the beginning of a project, the progress and then the  final result. Colour and pattern become the feature in any design project. Here are a some examples of a few jobs that have recently been completed. The encaustic reproduction tiles in each of these finished projects have created a totally different look and feel just by choice of  design and colour. Terrazzo Flower, Cuban, Urban Night and White Moorish Night would have to be some of my favourite designs. These reproduction tiles will never date and are so versatile that they work in all styles of domestic and commercial interiors.

Bronwyns Bathroom

Fresh ByronThe Farm

White Moorish Night Bathroom


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Tiles at Terrarium

Terrarium is a gorgeous new cafe that has recently opened in the hinterland of the Gold Coast. The food is amazing and the smoothies are extra special! I popped in last week for a visit and was so delighted to see the encaustic tiles from my range featured throughout. Petrina, the owner and creator had a wonderful vision and clearly it turned out perfectly. The Black Royal encaustic tiles from my reproduction range were used on the counter and as a splash back .The Urban Night and the Grey Royal were used on table tops and as a lovely feature on the wall as the water dispenser. The overall look is nothing less than wow! The use of the encaustic tiles have brought interest, colour and texture to the cafe and Petrina even did all the tiling herself…….what a woman. I was thrilled with the way it all turned out and recommend you to pop in next time you are traveling inland from the Gold Coast.


Terrarium 2

Terrarium 4

Terrarium 3

Terrarium 6


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Antique arrivals.

When you wait patiently for a shipment of antique tiles to arrive at your doorstep, it is very exciting to finally open the lid of the pallets and physically see and touch the history that has made its way hundreds of thousands of kilometres to my shed!!!! My antique tile range is full of muted tones that have come from years of wear to strong rich colours that are very hard to reproduce. Antique tiles are like treasures that cannot be replaced.They carry stories that could never be retold and imperfections that you cannot recreate.You can however feel and see their history and only wonder.I love my new antique encaustic tiles that have just arrived and can already visualise where the next era of their lives could reside.









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So new and so blue!

Stunning new encaustic tiles have just arrived. My new designs are totally inspired by my travels and by my favourite colour combinations blue and white and blue and grey. Blue and white always fresh and taking me back to my days in Greece and blue and grey which have that Middle Eastern/Moroccan feel. These new encaustic tile designs would suit many environments and would bring life to a dull floor/wall. These patterned tiles which are totally handmade and very durable are the perfect choice to create some drama, warmth, texture, contrast or just some attention to an area that is crying out for some spark! My new designs are now available.

Blue Daisy


Blue Metro

Blue Sunflower

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Beyond Bliss luxury accommodation.

Beyond Bliss provides luxury accommodation in the heart of Bright. A piece of heaven on earth. Two stunning luxury guesthouses walking distance away from the gorgeous township of Bright which is abundant with cafes, galleries and award winning restaurants. The perfect place to unwind, and have a genuine break. The bathrooms have been careful considered to give the guests the utmost in comfort and of course look inviting ,charming and memorable. The Grey Royal Encaustic Tile has been used in the bathrooms and looks stunning. It is a striking design and soft at the same time. A lovely balance in a design. Encaustic tiles are perfect for bathrooms as they have a matt non slip finish and feel so nice underfoot. I definitely recommend a visit to Beyond Bliss for a weekend away if not longer!

Bliss guesthouseBliss3

Bliss 6Bliss5














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