Moroccan Bazaar

Moroccan Bazaar always works.The design is classic, alive and interesting.The popular and always happening Indian restaurant Horn Please in Brunswick Melbourne has used the Moroccan Bazaar encaustic tile on the their counter.It is perfectly in balance with the space and eye catching to the passers by. This reproduction tile comes in a few colourways, each colour creating a different mood.
It is the perfect choice for a feature tile and is ageless. It looks amazing in this urban Indian setting.




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There are so many combinations that work when putting together a montage of encaustic tiles. Whether you would like a combination of blues, greys, black and whites or earthy colours the possibilities are endless. Regardless, a montage of designs always looks dramatic and is the perfect way to create an eye catching feature wall, floor, entranceway, table top……I love playing with designs and creating new combinations. Each combination comes with its own mood and can totally change the feeling of the space. The salvaged antique tiles or the new reproduction encaustic tiles are both available in so many colours and combinations. The only problem is deciding on which combination!!!!

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Tile Monatge mixA touch of Red 1Antique Black and Antique

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New Blue Designs

I have just received these beautiful new hand painted tiles and a stunning new encaustic tile. All blue and whites and all different in style. I am loving the freshness of these tiles and am already imaging how they will look in situ. The Cobalt Arabesque and the Blue Haveli are both hand painted glazed tiles and are rich is colour and texture. They would create an amazing splash back or feature wall. The Blue Florence is a new Jatana encaustic tile that would be amazing in any application, being a wall, floor, splash back, tabletop, column etc…… All these stunning tiles would become an instant feature in any  given space.


Blue Florence

Blue Haveli

Cobalt Arabesque

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Fancy Floors

I have just received these lovely images from Jaki who has just completed 2 bathrooms and her kitchen floor using the encaustic cement tiles. The Indian Dusk, Grey Moroccan Bazaar and the New Royal designs were used and all look amazing. The stripey socks  a lovely added touch! All three designs come in other colour ways for completely different looks. It is so nice to make each room its own and having 3 beautiful and unique floors under the same roof. Each with personality – similar but different.They all work well together and look really lovely.Thank you Jaki.

Indian Dusk Bathroom

Grey Moroccan Bazaar Kitchen FloorNew Royal Bathroom Floor





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House and Garden July 2014

Terri Shannon of Bloom Interior Design and Decoration worked closely with her clients Amanda and Brent McMillan to create the look they desired in their recent home renovation.The Melbourne home has been featured in the July issue of House and Garden and the clients are thrilled.The Grey Indian Earth Reproduction Tile was used in the bathroom and was the perfect choice for this 1880s weatherboard home.The encaustic cement tile is the feature in the bathroom and with the simplicity of the claw food bath and the wooden stool the look exudes understated elegance. The Grey Indian Earth is a classic design that suits all style of homes but particularly the older Victorian home. Once again Terri has done a fabulous job!


Grey Indian Earth

House and Garden July 2014 2

House and Garden July 2014

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Cement Tile Wonder

Loving these new spaces. Three designs creating three entirely different looks. Kimberley from Nourish Yourself used the Black Royal Reproduction Encaustic tile for her entrance way. Natalie from Bowerhouse used the Urban Diamond for her very stylish splash back in her living room and Mark from Atlantis Design used the Baby Blue Bazaar on his bathroom floor. All impressive and all amazing. There are so many ways the encaustic cement tiles can enhance a space. The possibilities are endless. It is such a joy to work with a product that, like art, can bring attention and interest wherever they are laid. 


Kimberleys Floor

Natalies Splashback

Mark Harpers Bathroom

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The Jatana Team

I thought I would give you a little background into the  back end of  Jatana Interiors. There is a lot of work involved with the sorting and packing of the antique tiles. The antique tiles have been salvaged from old buildings throughout Europe and the Middle East. Some designs are over 100 years old and have an incredible history that we will never know. The colours are now muted and very difficult to replicate making them so special and very unique. Walking on a floor laid with these antique treasures has a different feel, it is as though you are bringing history back to life. Once the tiles have arrived after their long journey they need to be sorted, cleaned and boxed. This is a process within itself and I am so fortunate to have the help of Sam Curtis and Cooper Kay to help. Sam who is an aspiring actor, singer and dancer and Cooper who makes amazing furniture from recycled woods patiently sort through the pallets of tiles and prepare them for clients. They work hard and are a pleasure to work with. Kim is my wonderfully fantastic colleague and friend. Kim prepares all the samples , speaks to clients and helps me with orders. There are a lot of elements to the running of Jatana Interiors which at times can feel overwhelming however the rewards are so worthwhile. I am so grateful to clients who send through their finished projects and I feel so blessed to work with such lovely people. Thanks also to Mark Laneway from Laneway Photography for the amazing photos.





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Day At Work Samples

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Day at work Blog

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New encaustic tile designs

I have recently received some new designs I have been working on and can already visualise them in place. Each design has a totally different personality and can completely transform the look and feel wherever they are laid. Whether you are looking for a strong feature or a soft and subtle design the encaustic tile can create this. My new designs, Urban Night, Black Starry Night, Florence, Urban Retro, Blue and Grey Starry Night and Charcoal Arabesque are now available and part of my range.







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