The Grounds of Alexandria

I recently re visited The Grounds of Alexandria which is an experience in itself!. The crowds were pumping, the food market was happening and the hustle and bustle was thrilling. Since my last visit a few new areas have been tiled which compliment the style and character of the establishment. What I particularly liked were the tiled tabletops which help bring the food and drink to life. The private outdoor atrium feels oh so French and not to forget the gorgeous little farmyard…The Royal and Cuban encaustic tile designs were used for these areas. There is also the new addition of the florist and here they used the stunning Heritage antique design in keeping with the overall feel and look of the original building. Caroline Choker – the designer has done an amazing job creating The Grounds. Please make sure to check it out next time you are in Sydney.

Grounds table

Grounds pagola

Grounds 1


The Grounds Florist 1

The Grounds Florist

The Grounds outside bathroom

The Grounds in Alexandria

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Urban Hotel St Kilda

I have just returned from a cold and very exciting weekend in Melbourne. We stayed at the Urban Hotel in St Kilda which has just completed a refurbishment to the entrance, restaurants and reception area. The encaustic tiles are the main feature and are a total eye catcher. The Teal Maharani and the Teal Paris were used on the exterior columns which were a great choice in colour as St Kilda beach is just a block away.The look is fresh, alive and welcoming, The White Paris was used for the floor in the entrance which looks incredible and the  White Maharani were used  for the interior wall. The hanging plants and the and planter boxes look perfect with the patterned tiles as does the polished concrete floor in the two restaurants attached to the hotel. I was thrilled with the result and recommend this hotel for location and comfort.


Urban Hotel 3

Urban Hotel 8

Urban Hotel 7

Urban Hotel 6

Urban Hotel 2

Urban Hotel 1

Urban Hotel

Urban Hotel 4

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Dulux Interiors

Terri Shannon's beautiful bathroom has been featured in the latest Dulux Interiors catalogue. Terri used the White Moorish Night encaustic tiles on her bathroom floor and the result is stunning. The Dulux Domino Grey looks great and gives the bathroom an elegant and sophisticated feel. The colour works in perfectly with the charcoal pattern in the tile. The Moorish Night comes in many colour ways and is a simple and easy way to add a feature to a floor, wall, fireplace, splash back or counter. 

Dulux Interiors

Dulux Interiors Terri Shannon 1

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Call Me The Breeze

Tara Hyman has the most gorgeous boutique store in Port Lincoln SA named 'Call me the Breeze'. It has a selection of stunning jewellery, clothes and accessories from far and wide.Tara chose the Lily Pond Glazed hand painted tile for her counter and the result is absolutely lovely.The tiles bring a smile to your face and they work so well with the old wooden counter,concrete floors and the blue tones in the shop.The shop has a feeling of exclusivity and is definitely worth a visit. I have already spotted many items I wish to purchase! 



Call me the Breeze 6

Call me the Breeze counter

Call Me the Breeze

Tara 2

Lily Pond

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Modern Heritage Matters

Mandy Purcell is the founder and partner of MHM Consulting. Mandy has recently completed a Master of Heritage Conservation and has a passionate interest in maintaining the integrity of heritage buildings. MHM is a boutique heritage consulting firm established to provide information and advise to owners and developers of heritage buildings. The firm has an excellent range of services to help people gain a better understanding of what issues are currently facing the heritage industry. The website is comprehensive and informative and provides a wonderful support in the role of protecting our old buildings. Fabulous and inspiring. Thanks to Mandy and her team.



Mandy 2

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Country Style April 2014

This months Country Style magazine featured Adrian Warlow and Peta O'Neills beautiful bathroom from their 1920s cottage in NSW Stokers Siding. The Grey Royal Encaustic Tile was used on the floor in this simply divine and elegant space. I love how the bathroom spills out to their garden.The openness is refreshing and is a wonderful way of blending the interior with the exterior. The Royal encaustic patterned tile is cement based and is the perfect choice for this federation style home. This design also come in other colour ways, each creating a different ambiance.The Pink Clover encaustic tile was also featured as was the Black Mother of Pearl. Thanks to Adrian,Peta and to Country Style magazine.

country style april 2014 1

country style april 2014-1

country style april 2014-2 1

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Encaustic Delight

Kate Bell has created some stunning spaces with the use of the encaustic tiles. Kate has a great eye for detail and works closely with her clients ensuring the final results are exactly what the client wanted. The Grey Arabesque was used in one of  Kate's projects and looks incredible.The bathroom is so sophisticated and the use of the encaustic patterned tile has given the bathroom  a warmth and an exotic touch.The pattern is simple however the impact is huge. With the second project, Kate has put together a completely unique and different look using 2 patterns together with the My Azule encaustic tile on the floor and a fabulous wallpaper on the wall. The combination is exciting and inspiring with both designs complimenting each other .The Grey Indian Earth was used in the bathroom and is a timeless design that works so well with a simple white surround. Each design has its own personality and can create a completely different look.


Kate Bell Design 3

Kate Bell Design4

Kate bell Design 7

Kate bell Design 8

Kate bell 10

Kate Bell11

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Antique encaustic tile treats

Another incredible delivery of antique encaustic tiles have just arrived. These are some of the stunning designs, each creating a different look and ambiance.The muted colours in the antique tiles that can only come with age are irreplaceable and create an immediate old world charm to the project on hand. Their stories endless, their imperfections, intriguing. 








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