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We welcome you to visit us in our showroom, open to the public Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9am – 3pm, or by appointment on Mondays and Wednesdays. Please email or call us for directions to find us. Located in Federal, Byron Shire NSW.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What size are the tiles?
The tiles in the reproduction range are all 200 x 200mm.

The majority of Antiques are also 200 x 200mm with some being 150 x 150mm.

Our glazed tiles are 100 x 100mm, 150 x 150mm and 100 x 200mm.

The Terracotta tiles all vary in size – please call us for more specific information regarding this range.

Do the tiles need to be sealed?

For any orders of the reproduction and terracotta ranges the answer is yes! This is a once off process. The tiles need to be sealed after they have been laid and grouted. The sealer needs to be applied twice with the second coating after the first layer has dried.

It is not necessary to seal the tiles from the Antique Range. These tiles are over 100 years old and can handle not being treated as they have already been exposed to so much, however, of course they can be sealed if preferred. Obviously the glazed do not need sealing.

What sealer is recommended and where can I get it?

The tiles need to be sealed using a penetrating sealer, which we can recommend.

Please get in touch with us for our recommendations. 

What colour grout do I use?

The recommended grout colour is Misty Grey.

A light to mid grey grout must be used.

Grout cannot be dark grey or black as the dark pigment will leech into the tiles and ruin them.

How do I clean the tiles?

The tiles respond really well to heat. So generally really hot water is sufficient.

Do you deliver?

Yes we ship Australia wide and can work out the most cost effective freight prices for you.

How do I get information on how to lay the tiles?

With each order (not including samples) an Installation Guide is sent as an attached file with the invoice, this contains everything you need to know about the tiles.