Encaustic Tiles at Mayfair Hotel

I love a spontaneous trip! Last weekend I decided to visit Adelaide in the spur of the moment. I have never been and wanted to check out the Mayfair Hotel which was refurbished in 2014. I was happy I did!  The refurbishment looks amazing and of course the encaustic tiles really feature…..its so nice to see a fitout that you were involved in a few years down the track. It is great to see  the wear and tear on the tiles in a high traffic area such as a bustling hotel. As the encaustic tiles are a thick tile this makes them perfect for a high traffic application. They are durable and very long lasting, infact they become more durable as time goes by, hence the antique tiles in my range. If you ever go to Adelaide for a little business or pleasure, I recommend the Mayfair. 

Mayfair Hotel 1

Mayfair Hotel 2

Mayfair 4

 Mayfair 10