It’s no secret that we at Jatana interiors are head over heels in love with colour, all the colours under the sun, and most especially the ones in between! Our passion for colour is one that exists in symbiotic harmony with our lust for tiles, they really are an ever so inspiring pairing and one that takes us on many varied and incredible journeys and design explorations.

Colour is integral to the human psyche and the tones and pallets that we choose to introduce into our homes are some of the most vital to our souls and those that surround us. Colour has the intrinsic power to connect us with our world, ourselves, and our surroundings, it influences our ebbs and flows and evokes our emotive state. Colour is truly the most powerful arsenal in the interior design toolbox and should always be respected but never feared!

Colour has throughout history been used by cultures to symbolise joy, life’s celebrations and to create pockets of beauty in people’s homes right across the globe…the transformative power of colour is all reaching whether it be a floor of time-worn encaustic tiles in a Rajasthan palace or the hand tiled steps to a tiny Greek taverna you can be sure that this choice of tiled colour bought smiles to many and that is something that is worth embracing everyday.

The Jatana tile range is bustling with colour and pattern and our showroom in Federal is a testament to our overwhelming adoration of all colour from the bright to the muted, right though to the gorgeous hand-mixed pigments of our Morrocan tiles. Tiles are an effortless way to introduce colour into your space we love nothing more than working with our clients to choose the perfect balance of colour, connection, and design. We are here to ensure that each and every tile selection made is as timeless as it is contemporary and that it will continue to offer longevity and relevance well into the future.

Colour trends for the year 2020 have been influenced by the world around us with a strong focus on supporting wellness and an emphasis on natural materiality. What does this mean for our beloved Jatana tiles? You will notice that our tile collections are abundant with tonal blues and greens, warm burgundies, blush pinks, rust and mustard hues all colours that influence and promote a sense of calm inspired by the colours that exist within nature.

These tones have always been at the heart and soul of the Jatana encaustic tile range and it is this connection with the natural world from awe-inspiring sunsets to the crystal clear ocean of the Northern rivers that Sonya finds much of her design inspiration.

Over the past few years we have seen a shift towards colourful bathroom and powder room tiles, this is an aesthetic we love! Bathrooms are a space that work fantastically with a splash of colour to liven them up, to create character and to evoke some chic fun in what needn’t be a stark, dull space. Both colour and pattern work well and depending on how daring you are feeling you can even combine colours and styles to create a bathroom space that is truly unique.

Kitchens are another room within your home that are ideal for tiling in colour whether it be a splashback, a tiled kitchen counterface, or a whole kitchen floor you will never regret adding coloured tiles to this heart of your home. (Also a fantastic distraction for when you are standing there doing the dishes AGAIN!)

Introducing colour into your home interior with tiles is a move you will be forever thankful for, it is that element that will make you smile time and time again, that burst of sunshine on the greyest days and the constant reminder that life exists in a myriad of incomprehensible colour and that is the greatest most inspiring joy! Selecting tile colours and patterns can be overwhelming but we are here to work with you, inspire you, and help you to create a little colourful tile magic in your home interior!