While we are all about colour and pattern (preferably together and all at once!) here at Jatana interiors we also have a serious crush on natural neutrals too! There is something incredibly wonderful and ever so captivating to be found in the earthy, traditional warmth of terracotta tiles. Their unglazed rawness is perfect for adding some natural texture and tone into your interior or exterior space. These not so neutral tiles are the purveyors of much rustic elegance and are perfection laid on their own or combined back with other tiles from the Jatana range.

Terracotta tiles have the intrinsic ability to look like they have been within a space for years, their very essence is warm, homely, and made by hand! Coincidently these amazing Jatana tiles are in fact made individually by hand (yep no machines used here!) They carry within them innate ability to create an invitingly honest space, one that feels lived in and not too precious all whilst looking chic, classic and elegant. Our beautiful terracotta range is available in a myriad of different shapes, sizes, and tones we really do have a style that is sure to suit every project and aesthetic that you could possibly dream up!

Current interior trends are all about the organic, artisan, and unique. A move towards natural colours, textures, and elements that embrace refined simplicity and invite a sense of calm into your world. This trend is a reflection against the chaos of modern life and the need to create connected sanctuaries within our homes and external spaces.

Featuring Terracotta tiles within your home, workspace or business is a beautiful, simple yet ever so effective way to introduce and embrace this organic trend that is sure to permeate our lives for years to come. From bathrooms to courtyards and even kitchens there isn’t a space that these incredible tiles don’t work in! They really are as feel-good as they are look good… but don’t take our word for it, come and visit and fall in love with terracotta tiles yourself!