Patchwork encaustic tiles

Patchwork encaustic tiles

Firstly, a patchwork of encaustic or antique tiles is a great solution when you can’t decide on just one pattern! (Which I know can be very hard!!) Just like matching a tile to the style of your house or the colour of your walls, patchwork can be tricky but so worth it…There is a definite art to matching tiles, it comes down to colour and pattern. In my view there needs to be a flow of pattern, a smooth transitions between tiles is essential. Furthermore patchwork is very powerful yet extremely beautiful. It is very enjoyable to create as every combination of encaustic tiles/antique tiles helps to create an atmosphere/ mood. Patchwork will always be in trend, it always has been and it always will be. 

A montage of encaustic tiles is very eye-catching, perfect for a bathroom floor, feature wall or even around a fireplace.

From my experience over the last 12 years and after meeting many clients who are trying to create a point of difference and a space that will leave an impression on someones mind, there is no doubt that a montage will always be the best way to create this. Particularly in a commercial project where the first impression and last impression are so important. You want the image of the space you have entered to be wow. You want it to be a conversation piece . It will be the place that stands out because of the stunning patchwork or montage of tiles. After all, a colourful and welcoming floor instantly makes the space alive. It is mood evoking. 

A montage can be as simple as using anything from 2 tile designs  and creating a simple chequerboard, to a tile rug design in a neutral pallet to a complete mix match of colours and designs to create a wild and energetic floor.

There are so many ways to create a rug design and this is where you can decide which is most suitable to the mood you would like to evoke. 

A patchwork wall is also a beautiful way to make a feature in your home, whether its just a small splash back that you want to give some attention to or an entranceway that instantly gives life to your home, from the moment you walk in.

Come check out our show room as we have a huge floor of patchwork encaustic tiles that I’ve designed myself. As a result people can visually see the idea of patchwork and  inspiration from it too. I am always putting tiles together, I do it every single day and I am happy to design a patchwork of encaustic tiles or the antique tiles for you.

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