Patchwork encaustic tiles

Patchwork encaustic tiles

Firstly patchwork of encaustic or antique tiles is a great solution when you can’t decide on just one pattern! (Which I know can be very hard!!) Just like matching a tile to the style of your house or the colour of your walls, patchwork can be tricky but so worth it…There is a definite art to matching tiles, it comes down to colour and pattern. In my view there needs to be a flow of pattern, a smooth transitions between tiles is essential. Furthermore patchwork is very powerful yet extremely beautiful. It is very enjoyable to create as every combination of encaustic tiles/antique tiles helps to create an atmosphere/ mood. Patchwork will always be in trend, it always has been and it always will be. 

A montage of encaustic tiles is very eye-catching, perfect for a bathroom floor, feature wall or even around a fireplace.

Come check out our show room as we have a huge floor of patchwork encaustic tiles that I’ve designed myself. As a result people can visually see the idea of patchwork and  inspiration from it too. I am always putting tiles together, I do it every single day and I am happy to design a patchwork of encaustic tiles or the antique tiles for you.

A64I2134-WEB IMG_4015 IMG_4016 IMG_4017 Grey Patch 2 Patch works

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