At Jatana, we get caught up in talking about the beauty of our Tile Range every day and could babble on for hours, but it’s not often we talk hard and fast facts on why choosing Tiles is an excellent idea! Choosing Tiles is beneficial for your home for many different reasons that go far beyond the obvious of just looking gorgeous! 

Tiles are one of the most practical materials ever made and have proven their durability and beauty over thousands of years. That’s just one of the reasons to choose Tiles; read on below for even more reasons to love and select Tiles for your home. 


The daily grind of enthusiastic pets, dirty feet and shoes, furniture and spills are among the harsh difficulties your flooring needs to endure. 

Encaustic Tiles have been used for thousands of years due to their durability and practicality; they thrive off the daily hustle and bustle of busy people because they are one of the hardest working flooring options around!


Gentle on paws, resistant to claws and forgiving of little accidents, Tiles are the perfect choice for families with pets. Who doesn’t love to play and snuggle with a four-legged family member? However, it’s important to remember that our pets are harder on household flooring than humans are. 

Tiles are perfect for any hair or dirt that may get spread about whilst also being hardy enough not to become scratched and worn by pet’s nails plus, they are easy to clean when accidents happen.


With their colours, patterns and visual geometry, Tiles are a fabulous way to inject instant warmth and character into a home. 

From earthy and neutral Terracotta Tiles to bold and bright Moroccan Tiles, there is no better way to create a focal point than with some incredible tiles!! Tiles can also transcend many different interior aesthetics, trends and styles.


At Jatana, we love a sparkling clean Tile, but the cleaning part itself – not so much! This is why Tiles are fantastic for your home because they require very little upkeep. The low demands of Tiles mean more time doing the things you love with the people you love! 

Tiles are super low maintenance, and we have a great blog full of cleaning tips HERE! Tiles require only a quick regular clean such as a sweep or vacuum and mop or wipe-over! You will need to deep clean your Tile grout from time to time, but not often! You can take back your precious time by choosing low-maintenance Tiles for wall and floor surfaces!


Flooring and splashbacks take the brunt of food, liquid, mud and mess, which can sometimes result in odours, but not when you choose Tiles! 

Non-porous or impervious flooring such as Glazed Tiles will not absorb stains or moisture like other flooring materials, leaving your space smelling and looking ever so lovely!!


Encaustic tiles are non-combustible and completely fireproof, and they will not produce any toxic gas, smoke or fumes during a fire, and they will not burn or feed a fire in any way and may act as protection for structural surfaces. 

Encuastic tiles are considered “deemed to satisfy” under the provision of the Building Code of Australia. In our sunburnt country it’s nice to know your tiles are safe! They are also flood proof as the recent weather events in the northern rivers has shown us. They are easy to hose off and clean down and remain intact with minimal to no damage when they come in contact with large volumes of water. 


With an average lifespan that far exceeds most other flooring options and even often pushes the 100-year + mark, tiles are one of the most durable materials you can choose for your home.

Tiles are so durable that we have a range of incredible Antique Tiles curated for our collection from around the Globe! Some of these tiles are over 100 years old and still look wonderfully new! Tiles have so much staying power and an ability to transcend trends, making them a fantastic investment for your home.


Many man-made flooring products use Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which can, over time, produce nasty vapours or gases. 

VOCs are known to present potential health risks. However, this depends on the compound’s nature, level of exposure, length of exposure and the individual exposed to it.

All Jatana Tiles are VOC-free and a safe flooring choice for you and your interior!