Here at Jatana, we live and breathe a world of exquisite tiles every single day, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Jatana Interiors was founded on the ethos of creating extraordinary spaces that make you smile on the inside, that nurture you, make you instantly comfortable and that are warm and beautiful… and what better way to do this than with our fave Moroccan Tiles.

At Jatana we strive to design and source only the most unique Moroccan Tiles that are, magnificent, exotic, and rare! For us, the magic of tiles lies in the artisan touch, the inherent culture behind each tile, and the history of their making.

Moroccan Tiles have an extensive history and we would love nothing more than to share with you a little background information about this beautiful (and our personal favourite) style of Tile.

Moroccan tiles are richly steeped with history and tradition, they are created with knowledge and skills that have been passed from generation to generation of talented Moroccan artisans since the 1300s. These tiles are literally individual works of art that have taken each artisan many years to perfect from start to finish.

The process begins with the hand harvesting of clay from a quarry that is then refined and dried. The dried clay is then cut and painted, again by hand, before being fired, glazed and refined to produce the magnificent end result. Some Moroccan tiles are also hand-etched, thus requiring a delicate hammered chiseling process that is said to take decades for these dedicated artisans to master.

We adore the distinctive, most memorable charm that these handmade Moroccan Tiles offer, they really are just like hanging many little artworks in your space…each individual tile with slight variations adding character and beauty to your interior or exterior.

We excitedly offer an extensive palette of these tiles as part of our Jatana range and have MoroccanTiles available in classic cobalt blue, soft and subtle pink as well as the ever so incredible turquoise and emerald green colourways. This is a tile style that you are sure to continue to fall in love with whether it be in your home or commercial space.