When Melissa from Miimi & Jiinda wanted to design tiles for her own space, she knew Sonya at Jatana Interiors was the best person to bring her vision to life. Jatana Interiors is on Bundjalung Country, Northern Rivers NSW—Melissa’s ancestral homelands and where she lived during her childhood.

Melissa said, “It was a good opportunity for us to align our talents together, and I love that I was able to collaborate with a local businesswoman on Bundjalung Country.

The collaboration has resulted in a beautiful collection of tiles that are handmade with traditional techniques and methods and are not mass-produced. They are all just little pieces of art—every tile is so beautiful and intricate.

The story behind the Birthing Caves Encaustic Tile design is not just a design; it’s a cultural narrative. Inspired by Melissa’s interpretation of the traditional birthing caves down on Gumbaynggirr Country, where many babies were traditionally birthed on Country, these caves are sacred and beautiful. This design also represents strength, resilience, femininity and Country, inviting you to connect with these rich cultural elements.

The incredible Waru Warumbi Encaustic Tile design creates a circle when the four tiles are placed together, which represents a traditional meeting place. It symbolizes community (men and women) and family coming together to share stories, dance, culture, songs, and ceremony.

Now, you have a unique opportunity to infuse your living space with these beautiful, culturally inspired designs. Imagine the conversations they will spark, the stories they will tell, and the energy they will bring to your home.

In the artist’s words, Melissa Greenwood, “It’s another way of sharing the artwork, the story, the connection. Tiles have an ancient grounding energy”.