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Welcome to Jatana Interiors

“I believe in connecting design and colour to create warmth and beauty.
To create a space that makes you feel nurtured and comfortable. To make a space that makes you smile on the inside.
To make a space that leaves a positive impression.
The tiles I have sourced and designed in the Jatana range are inspired by my travels and from my love of the exotic. My love of design.
Through tiles I see different cultures and their influences they have in your home, the blend of new and old or one or the other.
The options are endless as is the scope of the imagination.”

Moroccan Tiles

Zellige tiles are one of the traditional cultural practices in Morocco today. They are lovingly handmade and hand painted piece by piece by artisans who have acquired skills through their ansectoral lineage. We source these gorgeous tiles directly from Morocco and our collection includes glazed as well as natural clay tiles, which go beautifully together, bringing a touch of the exotic into your home.

Terracotta Tiles

Earthy, traditional, warm and varied… Raw terracotta tiles are the perfect way to bring some nature into your home or as an exterior feature. Each tile is handmade (no machines here!) and slightly different to the next. The living contrast and texture creates the feeling that the tiles have been there forever.

Antique Encaustic Cement Tiles

Each original antique tile design is unique and filled with character and history. Its precious beauty is enhanced by a hundred or more years of wear that’s impossible to be replicated. From a simple strip to adorn your hallway or an entire floor or wall, these antique tiles will add a piece of history to your home.

Reproduction Tiles

Hand made traditional reproduction tiles replicate an old world feel and our Jatana Interiors range has been designed with a wide scope of interior styles in mind to create atmosphere and charm in any space. Our wide range of reproduction tiles not only suit homes, but commercial spaces of any size.

Glazed Feature Tiles

The handglazed, handmade tiles are perfect for any space needing an injection of life and colour. The cobalt blues are so deep, the pinks so soft and the greens from jade to emerald bring new life. Each piece is individually handmade by artisans who have been trained for years to create these stunning works of art.
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