The Sonya Marish Story

My love of design and colour started in my early adult years when I began a long and rewarding adventure travelling through Asia and the Middle East. My love for the exotic led me on a path of searching for stunning one off pieces, including fabrics and other treasures that are still proudly displayed throughout my home today. This was a big turning point in my life; my conservative and safe ‘middle class’ upbringing had been flipped upside down as I found myself in a world of bazaars, markets and back streets, always keeping my eyes open for that something super special!

This fascination with curious objects led me to start my first business of sorts, where I would purchase goods I found overseas and sell them at my market stall in Sydney. I would save and go travelling again and again in search of new items to add to my stall after every trip. I was working in travel at the time so it was ideal. My travel experiences are my main source of inspiration.

After having children I had the desire to study Interior Design and everything started to make sense. I loved decorating, I had a head full of exotic images from the many destinations I had travelled to and wanted to cohesively put all this together.

We happened to be also renovating our home at the same time and I desperately wanted to put my ideas into action, which was when the last piece of the puzzle was placed. I needed exotic decorative tiles, a solid version of all the beautiful fabrics and quilts in my cupboard. I wanted these on my bathroom floors and they proved difficult to find… So this was when Jatana Interiors was born.

I was amazed how quickly word spread, my reputation in the industry grew as did my range, it was about this time the press coined the phrase Sonya Marish The Tile Queen.

I’m proud that we offer one of the most beautiful ranges of Antique Encaustic tiles in Australia, we also offer Moroccan, Reproduction and Terracotta tiles that will transform your home or business. I also offer a design consultancy to help you achieve your vision.