Indoor & Outdoor Moroccan Handmade Tiles

The tradition of Moroccan tile making was passed down from generation to generation by talented artisans who worked many years perfecting their skills.

This free form of art involved painting tiles by hand before being fired. The correct name for this classic Moroccan style tile is Zellige.

The tiles originate from a rough clay quarry where the clay is dug up, refined and dried. It is then ready for cutting, painting, firing, glazing and refiring.The etched tiles have the additional hand process of being etched with a tiny hammer and chisel. The precision required for this task alone takes years of training by dedicated artisans. The natural tiles are unglazed and remain in their natural form with earthly elegance. Each piece is individually made, and therefore unique, and may have slight variations which only add to the character of the final result.

Although created in the 1300’s the Zellige style is still practised by many companies today as the demand is extremely high for this type of tile with its unique and distinctive Moroccan design style.

These beautiful Moroccan tiles are available in classic cobalt blue, soft and subtle pinks, jade and emerald greens and all carry their own story bringing new life to any room.

Jatana Interiors stock an extensive range of beautiful Moroccan tiles suitable for any interior style to add mystic charm and beauty. Our range is suited both to commercial interiors as well as home interiors and exteriors of any size. Create a stunning and memorable space with our beautiful Moroccan tiles.

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