At Jatana Interiors we try not to use the word “Trend” all too often… we instead prefer to focus on the terms classic, timeless, and unique. That said there is a time and place to talk about all things trend and forecasting, especially as the season change and the year unfolds before us. 

It’s no secret that we love design and colour at Jatana and our Encaustic Tile Ranges are a testament to this. Whilst we aren’t followers of any exact trends we are of course influenced by the ebbs and flows of the interior design world with nature remaining our number one inspiration always. We’ve rounded up our favourite trend notes for the seasons ahead and are more than a little excited to embrace them all. 


Designers and owners are gravitating towards tiles that embrace flaws, natural movement, and subtle moments of rough textures to add character to spaces. In the past, greys have ruled the design world as the go-to tone, but beiges, neutrals, and browns are now top of the list. The Jatana Terracotta Tile Range is amazing for adding both texture and earthiness into an interior or exterior.


Homes are starting to reflect the current situation, and people are embracing calming tile colour palettes that evoke a sense of sanctuary in their spaces, think soft comforting tones and textures that enhance serenity and calmness. The Jatana Glazed Tile Collection is full of perfect options for tiles and hues that provide a sense of calm. 


Calm maybe the vibe we’re all gunning for in 2021, but that doesn’t necessarily mean stark white has to reign supreme. Interior designers have noticed a move towards a focus on creating a productive home environment while maintaining elements of play. Homes are moving away from white tiles and white walls with 2021 proving to be about playful colour choices that lighten the load and inspire a sense of joy. At Jatana this is our language and we love nothing more than to see playful tile selections that are both practical and fun! Our Reproduction Tile Range is full of vibrant, lively choices. 


With the world slowing down last year, there’s been an uptick in reflection and a natural tendency towards more conscious consumerism. People are wanting to know more about the pieces they are investing in, where they’re made, and how this will transcend and shape their homes. At Jatana we have long been renowned for our Antique Tile Range. A collection full of tiles that have been lovingly hand salvaged from across the globe, with many styles having been walked upon for hundreds of years, not only giving them their individual aesthetic but also instilling each tile with the history and stories of all the amazing people whose feet have stood upon them. 


In the face of 2020, the design world has embraced a sense of reckless fun! A rebellion against the underwhelming calm there has been a move towards bold interior statement choices from bright colours to dominant patterns and in many cases a mix of both! The feeling is that it’s not about innocuous durability anymore, rather a lot more about adventurous personal freedom!