We’re always dreaming in coloured tiles and now it seems you and your bathrooms are too!! When it comes to bathroom renovations or additions, colour plays a major role, and these days, increasing numbers of homeowners are choosing to make an impact with coloured tiles.

Although coloured tiles have long been a feature of bathroom design, they are now making a sweeping return in millennial shades of blush, rose, salmon, peach, and terracotta! Luckily our Jatana range is filled with these tones across all of our tile styles.

In colour psychology, these pink tones are generally associated with hope and optimism, which are two things we need more than ever today. It’s a factor that contributes to pink colourways being such a trend at the moment and our range of encaustic tiles are perfect for this uplifting job!

Nostalgia, a wider choice of bathroom products such as tapware, and a renewed desire to embrace colour are all driving the trend. At Jatana we have always had a love affair with colour and embrace this across all of our tile styles from Moroccan Tiles right through to our earthy Terracotta Tiles.

Utilising vibrant shades like pink or blues and greens may also be a way of bouncing back from hard times and could be seen as a version of “dopamine dressing” for our homes! Whether it’s colourful splashback tiles or terracotta floor tiles our wide range of encaustic tiles are filled to the brim with colour, pattern, and variety that is sure to bring a smile to any home!