A new year brings bold new interior trends, and 2024 is no exception.

At Jatana Interiors, we try not to use the word “Trend” all too often… we prefer to focus on the classic, timeless, and unique. That said, there is a time and place to discuss trends and forecasting, especially as the season changes and the year unfolds. It’s fair to say 2024 is all about farewelling neutrality, subdued styling, and embracing creativity and fun as clients seek to embrace individuality and create spaces that tell a story.

Goodbye grey and hello, bold and edgy colour selections.

This year, grey, white and beige kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces will taper off in favour of richer, more eclectic colour combinations.

Grey is out, and we are not mad about it one bit here at Jatana. It has been phasing out for a while, but it’s safe to say it has gone for at least this year. The colour trend has moved towards creating more personalised and warm spaces. 

White cabinetry is also on the way out, with clients and designers opting for coloured islands and timber finishes.

Instead of white, we are moving towards coloured tiles and brighter tones, while timbers also get darker and moodier. 

See-ya clean whites and hello, rich and decadent chocolate.

Earthy and timeless, chocolate neutrals and brown tones are having a moment in interiors, and we couldn’t be more excited.  

From upholstery and tiles to paint and cabinetry, chocolate tones will be the colour of choice. 

To enhance this look, we love tiles in earthy, accessible hues such as toffee and caramel. Rich brown statement chairs and textiles—subtle or bold—look striking set against a white or earthy terracotta or greens, offering a connection to nature and promoting a sense of calm.

A very welcome blast from the past, 70s-inspired design is back, baby!

Known for its iconic fashion and music, 70s nostalgia is infiltrating homes around the globe with retro tile profiles and colours, low sculptural furniture, warm walnut timbers, contrasting textures and fabrics, pops of colour, velvet couches, built-in bars, timber wall panelling and – last but not least – sunken lounges transporting us back to those carefree good times.

“We are seeing a lot of interest in patterned tiles as art, too,” says Sonya. “It is a big key trend this year, with clients wanting to inject personality into their rooms.

Intentional and sustainable design choices

Designers and homeowners have become more conscious of choosing sustainable materials in design and construction, and this trend is set to continue in 2024.

“With the ban on engineered stone taking effect in July 2024, safe and sustainable products are predicted to be at the forefront,” says Sonya, director of Jatana.


Think antique tiles, reclaimed timber, vintage furniture, and lighting! 

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