Our beautiful corner of the world has taken a massive hit these last two weeks. The devastation of the floods in South East Queensland and Northern NSW have floored so many places, people, and animals in our beloved Northern Rivers – our community is raw and real. Thankfully the Jatana team is safe and can help, and we, like all, are exhausted and overwhelmed at what currently lies before us and ahead of us.

We have been working as part of a most beautiful community, donating our time, energy, and financial support. There is a long road ahead for the Northern Rivers, which is a heartbreaking reality. We are so in awe of our community for showing up day after day with kindness, compassion, and care for those in need.

 For those of you who are unsure where to start or that cannot be here in person to pitch in, we have popped together a list at the bottom of this blog of a few fantastic organisations that are creating a significant impact for those affected and have included the links to each. 

At Jatana, we are holding a Flood Relief Tile Sale, with 100% of the profits going directly to flood victims of the Northern Rivers. Stay tuned for news of this on our Instagram

I’ve never been prouder to be part of this incredible community and am awestruck every devastating day at the love that wraps our little part of the world during times like these. Sending love and big warm hugs. 

Sonya & the Jatana Team xx

Revive The Northern Rivers

Northern NSW is suffering through the worst flood event in living memory. We’ve made the decision to start accepting donations for flood communities across the Northern Rivers.


Koori Mail 

Five Bundjalung Aboriginal community organisations wholly own Koori Mail.

All of these communities have been affected after the devastating impacts of this flood. 

This fund will go directly to the people and communities without deduction. 



The NSW State Emergency Service (NSW SES) is the lead agency in responding to floods in NSW and has been working tirelessly over the last weeks. The NSW SES also supports other emergency services in times of natural and man-made disasters and is committed to building safer and more resilient communities.

The NSW SES is a community-based, not-for-profit organisation. 


Red Cross

Donations to the Qld and NSW Floods Appeal will help Red Cross provide vital humanitarian support to the people and communities affected by the floods. Based on ongoing needs assessment in Queensland and NSW and amount raised, that support may include:

Enabling volunteers and staff to help with evacuation and relief centers and outreach service

Supporting people and communities to recover and to build resilience to disasters



GIVIT is managing offers of donated goods, services, volunteering, and funds, including corporate offers, in response to the widespread flooding across Queensland and New South Wales. This is a smart way to make sure your donation and support make it to where it’s needed most.