No matter what you love when it comes to selecting the perfect Tile for your new project, you’ll find it here at Jatana Tiles. Everyone has their own preferences on what style they like and what they want from their tile ware. Texture, finish, colour, shape… we have it all, and our handy guide will help you find the right Tile for your Space.

Authentic – robust, stable and unique Antique Encaustic Tiles are statement-making Tiles that add charm, character and life to any interior. They are durable, hardwearing and will stand the test of time. They are also low maintenance, which is a bonus!

 Outdoorsy – look no further than our Terracotta Tile Range. They are unpredictably natural in shape and tone, but that’s what we love about them. They look fabulous outdoors but are also excellent in kitchens and bathrooms!! Their versatility is what makes them charming.

Sleek and Sophisticated – nothing compares to the look of our Moroccan and Glazed Tiles. Elegant and striking in its appearance, this Tile knows its worth and commands the attention of any room it’s placed in. They are also an excellent way to add texture to your interior with their beautiful handmade finishes.

 Creative – our Our Reproduction Range  is right up your alley when it comes to pattern and colour. They are the best Encaustic Tiles  to catch your eye and are very pleasing to look at. If you want something left of center and a talking point, these are the perfect Tile. 

No matter your needs or desires for your dream space, we can find your perfect match. Pop into our showroom today, or get in touch HERE!