So, you’ve tiled your outdoor area, created the perfect alfresco area, and now it’s time to focus on the next part of the journey… tile maintenance! 

All Jatana Tiles are durable, hardwearing and easy to keep in beautiful condition forever if you follow some easy steps. We’ve put together a little bit of a cheat sheet to outdoor tile TLC but please never hesitate to reach out to the Jatana team for more info on tile maintenance if you need.

Tools & Materials

Items Required

Hose and/or Bucket

Firm-bristled broom

High pressure washer (if needed)

Leaf blower or blower vacuum (helpful but not necessary)

Tile Cleaner (gentle PH neutral cleaners ONLY)

Water (a hose is handy!) 


Step 1: Remove debris and wet the area

While the area is dry sweep away any large debris such as leaves, a leaf blower or blower vac can help speed this step along. Next, rinse down the whole area using a hose or bucket of water.

Step 2: Get scrubbing

Scrub or sweep the area with a strong bristled broom, the sturdy bristles will help lift any dirt or grime alternatively you could also use a high-pressure washer.

Step 3: Add some extra oomph

If it has been a while between your tiled outdoor areas last clean, you can use a gentle PH neutral tile cleaner, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you have stains caused by trees and leaves, they may not come off with water alone.

Step 4: Rinse

To finish, rinse down the area again to remove excess dirt and/or cleaning solution. For larger areas, work in sections starting closest to the house and work away from the wall.

5. Let it dry

Try not to walk over the area too much when wet, once dry your outdoor haven is ready for use. Don’t forget a weekly clean will help make the job easier, sometimes cleaning your outdoor tiles can be as simple as a sweep and rinse!