If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor living space in your home, you’re undoubtedly aware of what a difference they can make to your quality of living. Whether it’s lazy spring afternoons sipping spritzes on the patio, hot summers spent splashing in the pool or cosy winter nights rugged up by the firepit — our outdoor living spaces are an extension of the Australian lifestyle. 

Finding the right outdoor tile to spruce up your home can feel like a monumental task — you need to balance aesthetics with durability and longevity to find the perfect match. With these parameters in mind, you might think your outdoor tile options are limited. That is not the case! We’re here to inspire you with outdoor tile ideas for every space and taste. Whether for the poolside or the patio, we’ve got loads of options to help you create beautiful, functional outdoor spaces with tiles.

We love our Terracotta Tile Range for outdoor use; it creates a beautiful earthy feel and is a fantastic way to add warmth and texture to an outdoor space. Terracotta has long been used worldwide to pave streets, homes and many alfresco areas. 

Reproduction Tiles can be fun to play with when thinking of outdoor tiling. They come in many colours, designs and patterns and can bring a space to life, adding vibrancy and working towards an aesthetic look or feel. 

There has been a natural movement towards using Moroccan-inspired Tiles in outdoor spaces over the past few years, and we love it. These tiles are perfect for outdoor use with their charm and character!

Creating a beautiful outdoor space with tiles is such an exciting and fulfilling project – and with so many tile ideas out there, the world is your oyster! Just make sure that the tiles you’re buying are fit for exterior surfaces. Pay special attention when searching for your outdoor tiles — look for non-slip surfaces, proper sealing, a stain-resistant finish and specific mentions that the product suits your exterior project. With this knowledge in mind, you will make the perfect choice for your outdoor area!!