Tiles are more than just decorative pieces — they are crucial in creating a safe, durable, low-maintenance home. From little accidents like spills to daily wear and tear rigours, suitable tiles can mean the difference between a clean, chill space or weekends spent scrubbing stains out of your grout. 

We’re here to spill the beans on how tiles can help mitigate some of the most common household challenges. By making intelligent tiling choices, you can create a beautiful home equipped to handle the rigours of everyday living. Whether you are a pet owner, a parent or simply a lover of low-maintenance homes, this guide is for you.

Spills, sorted!

We’ve all been there – a knocked-over glass of red wine or a dropped plate of spaghetti can happen to the best of us. While these accidents are part and parcel of life, the aftermath doesn’t have to be a nightmare. This is where tiles come in — with a simple wipe, you can erase the evidence of last night’s dinner party. 

Pet-friendly paradise!

Scratches and scuffs on floors are all too familiar for those of us with furry friends. But what if your tiles could resist these marks? Durable tiles like Terracotta and Antique Tiles can withstand the antics of your four-legged family members, ensuring your floors look pristine year after year.

Cool kitchens 

The kitchen isn’t just a place to cook — it’s a hub of activity. From spilled ingredients to dropped pots, kitchen tiles must be resilient — whether on the backsplash or the floor. Tiles that can handle the hustle and bustle while being easy to maintain are a must, and our Reproduction Range is perfect for the job!  

Hidden Benefits

While everyone’s home is different, there are spots in every house that tend to see more action than others. The entryway is a typical hotspot for foot traffic across the board; while entertainers probably notice more wear and tear in the dining room, families see their living rooms getting the most love. Thanks to their longevity, no matter your lifestyle or living arrangements, tiles ensure these spaces remain impeccable.

Choosing tiles for your home isn’t just about picking a design you love (though that’s undoubtedly fun!). It’s about finding solutions that stand up to the challenges of daily life. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast prone to spills, a pet owner or a parent to energetic kids, a tile out there has your (splash)back.

Ready to find the perfect blend of style and practicality? At Jatana, we’ve got a range of tiles that have been road-tested for real-life challenges. What’s going to work in your space? Pop in and check out your favourites. We also offer design apts where you can talk to Sonya in person or virtually — so she can help flesh out your vision or provide some guidance if you need a helping hand making the right choices for your project.