From hippie boho to disco glam, 70’s interior design is making a mark on the design world again. This groovy style has been back in vogue – designers and homeowners are embracing retro-inspired and vintage original 70’s Tiles with their bright colours, geometric patterns and the eclectic maximalism that thrived throughout the decade.

70’s Tiles can offer many inspiring ways to make our homes beautiful, with the ultimate goal of creating joyful, carefree and vibrant spaces while simultaneously being very comfortable and full of character. If you’re obsessed with all things retro, your style leans boho, or you’ve had enough of the pared-back style in minimalist decor, you’re likely to be on board with the re-emergence of 70s-style Tiles!!

With this vintage design style, you’re looking at a mix of bold and vibrant colours to reflect the glam disco vibes of the period – harvest oranges, rich blues, avocado greens, retro pinks and sunshine yellows are definitely on the stage! Remember that the desired effect is to create maximum impact with a striking, provocative look, so don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone with your Tile choices! Give your space a distinctly retro vibe using our Burning Sun Original Vintage 70’s Glazed Tiles for the kitchen splashback. You could also opt for bright colour combinations such as fuchsia pink and tangerine oranges placed side-by-side using a Jatana favourite Rajasthani Sunset Reproduction Tile. 

The 70s were not an era known for monotone or bland decor. Instead, design elements were bold and implemented via various materials and decor choices. So, if you’ve never experimented with maximalist style, now is your chance! Sonya’s picks for this style are Chocolate Lisbon Tile, Urban Sun Tile and the very beautiful Antique Original 70’s Glazed Rajasthani Sunset and Vintage Blues Tiles. 

Much like colour choices, patterns in the 1970s tended towards bold and catchy and were often mixed and matched to reflect the head-turning characteristics of maximalism. If you want to give a pared-back space a bit of a tweak with a pattern or shift from minimalist and modern to a full eclectic hippie style, this throwback style is all about gaudiness, excess, and having fun! Let us show you how! We love to mix Terracotta Tiles and our Vintage Blues Original 70’s Glazed Tile for an earthy yet funky vibe.

Among all the lively colours, floral prints, macramé, and houseplant craze, there are endless ways to incorporate trends from the iconic 70s decade in this modern day and age. If you want your home to spread boho flair and groovy vibes inspired by this era, pick your favourite Tile design for a classy final touch to your space! Remember that everything can be reimagined with Tiles – embrace the most-beloved trends of the 1970s while keeping your decor functional, modern and fresh.