Jatana Tiles are forever inspiring and creating beautiful home interiors. However, our dreamy tile ranges are not just for the home; they can be used with breathtaking results in commercial and retail spaces too!

The beauty of Jatana Tiles is that they create a warm, timeless elegance that makes a space friendly, inviting and comfortable with a relaxed yet ever so chic vibe.

The easy-breezy elegance of Jatana Tiles well and truly extends itself to the interiors of cafes, hotels, florists and many incredible retail brands. Jatana Tiles create a perfect harmony between modern and timeless and cool yet classic!

Over the past little while, we have seen a move towards lots of natural Terracotta Tiles for commercial spaces, including hairdressers, florists and retail spaces. Terracotta is gorgeous not only for its earthiness but also for its durability, making it perfect for a high traffic commercial interior or exterior.

Commercial spaces create a fabulous opportunity to play and go big with colour and pattern. We love seeing the Jatana Reproduction Tiles bringing a project to life and making consumers smile! The Jatana Reproduction Range is constantly evolving to include a varied colour palette and patterns that transcend across a myriad of interior aesthetics.

Jatana Antique Tiles are a beloved favourite of many and instil a sense of intrinsic magic and wonder into any space. Literally hundreds of years old, our Antique Tile Range carries the stories of all those who have traipsed across them before and the possibility of those that are yet to come. We love seeing these incredible tiles brought back to life in fresh new spaces and exciting projects!