Hexagon Tiles made a big entrance into home decorating in the early 1900s, and like all great things, they are back in vogue again! The return of the Hexagon Tile style trend is no huge surprise to us at Jatana Tiles, who have long been fans of this versatile tile shape. 

With their clean-lined shape, Hexagon Tiles make a classic, elegant addition to any home interior and command attention wherever they are placed. This classic geometric shape may be vintage, but its lines, angles, design and look are timeless and trancend across a myriad of aesthetics. 

At Jatana Tiles, we carry many Hexagonal Tile options in our Reproduction Range and Terracotta Collection, as well as in our Moroccan Tile styles. A few of Jatana Creative Director Sonya’s current favourite Hexagonal Tiles are the Green Paris Hex, Paris Metro and the Oatmeal Terracotta Hex.

We love nothing more than to inspire here at Jatana Tiles and hope you are as intrigued and in love! For more help with tiling ideas, please check out our other tile blog posts or our tile design inspiration