Those building and renovating know selecting tiles can be overwhelming, to say the least. Not only are we spoiled for choice with the myriad of shapes, sizes, materials, textures, colours and patterns and new twists on traditional favourites, it’s imperative a new bathroom or kitchen is just as functional and durable as it is beautiful.

With the primary considerations being style, budget, maintenance, whether or not the property is a forever home or one to flip and sell and whether there are pets and kids in the house, it can be difficult to know where to start. 

 Tile choice is very important because it’s generally a main floor – one of the home’s largest areas – and a permanent fixture. “We love to work with our clients and take into consideration the style of home and what they want to achieve”, Says Sonya, Interior Designer, Owner and Creative Director here at Jatana Interiors.

Below are the things you need to know about tile selections for a seamless build or renovation journey.

TILE 101

The good news is there are no rules when it comes to tile selections. However, using the same tile floor and walls will create an illusion of a larger space for small bathrooms. For larger bathrooms, you can use more tiles to create many different looks with your tiles! In general, using a dark tile on the floor and lighter tiles on the walls can make a bathroom look smaller. Sonya suggests starting with the floor tile selections and building up from there. Sometimes, a client will find a wall or feature tile they want to use, and, in that case, you’ll find a floor tile to match or vice versa!”


If you plan on using large tiles in a smaller space, it is important to ensure you use a good, qualified tiler to make this work, especially for the fall in the bathrooms. Putting a small tile in a large open space can also make the area appear smaller due to too many grout lines. For the main floor and external areas, using the same tile with internal and external finishes gives a flow-through feeling to the home; this gives the illusion of a larger environment.


Do consider water management and safety for wet areas, no matter how pretty the tile looks in the showroom. Ensure you get the correct slip rating for all wet and external areas, especially around swimming pools and commercial projects. Tile choice in bathrooms is also very important, and you must always consider the people using the space. If elderly, we try to ensure safety and recommend a non-slip tile; otherwise, most tiles are suitable and appropriate.