At Jatana Interiors, we strive to offer only the most beautiful, unique, and captivating tiles that we can design, source, and scour the world over to obtain! We live for tiles that tell stories, ignite inspiration and create connection, and for these very reasons, our beloved handmade Moroccan and Glazed Tiles hold an extraordinary place in our hearts and range!

Morrocan tiles are richly steeped with history and tradition; they are created with knowledge and skills passed from generation to generation of talented Morrocan artisans since the 1300s. These tiles are individual works of art created by hand with techniques that have taken each artisan many years to master from start to finish.

A favourite of Sonya’s, Moroccan tiles exude unique charm, have a tactile handmade aesthetic, and create an instant familiar warmth within a space. Each tile’s slight variations add character and beauty, like hanging many little artworks in your home. These incredible tiles are perfect for creating focal points within an interior or for adding that certain Je ne sais quo to a dimly lit bar or commercial space.

The creation of a Moroccan tile is anything but generic and factory-like. The process begins with the hand harvesting of clay from a quarry that is then refined and dried. The dried clay is then cut and painted, again by hand, before being fired, glazed and refined to produce a magnificent result. Some Morrocan tiles are also hand-etched, thus requiring a delicate hammered chiselling process that is said to take decades for these dedicated artisans to master. This is a true art form that we hope will always be noticed as time marches promptly forward.

Our obsession with handmade tile treasure doesn’t stop there, as we are also honoured to include a selection of the most precious and exquisite Glazed tiles within the Jatana range. Known as “Blue pottery”, these magical tiles are made in the surrounding villages of Jaipur in Rajasthan, each tile hand-painted with skill and artisan knowledge that transforms it into a unique and delicate masterpiece.

These charming tiles are available in various colours; however, the name “Blue pottery” can be traced back to the blue dyes the craftsmen and women originally used to colour the tiles. Mongol artisans first developed this technique using Chinese technology and Persian designs… one single tile with a World of history!

Glazed tiles are ideal for splashbacks, feature walls, and tabletops, or to be honest, they are perfect anywhere you feel needs a charming splash of colour and a little Indian allure. Like our Morrocan range, these tiles hold thousands of years of design history