It’s no surprise that green has remained a popular colour trend over the past few years. It’s the most direct representation of nature, and that soothing sentiment is why all things green toned remain a steadfast option for renovators and designers alike. We’ve rounded up our favourite green Jatana Tile projects because sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration!

From Glossy Moroccan Tiles to beautiful Reproduction Encaustic Tiles, we have an abundance of designs available in all different tones of green. Using the right shades of green, you can create different atmospheres in the home, from a soothing and relaxing vibe in the bathroom to a high-energy and creativity-boosting look in the kitchen. Green tones will also benefit from being easily coordinated with various exciting materials, from brass or gold to soft grey concrete!

Green Tiles can create a variety of different looks, aesthetics and styles in the home while also providing the additional benefit of pairing exceptionally well with an extensive range of colours and materials. We love green Tiles paired back with blush accents, earthy Terracotta Tiles and age-worn brown Antique Tiles! These qualities ensure green will continue to feature prominently in interiors thanks to the versatility of this lovely, luscious colour.