This week we feature our unique Reproduction Encaustic Tile Range.The Reproduction Tiles we design and dream up at Jatana are created to enhance the mood and harmony of any interior or exterior space.Our Reproduction Tile Range is inspired by travel, colour, shape, history and a long love affair with the Antique Tiles that lay on floors all over the globe.We truly believe that coming home to a relaxing, curated, beautiful interior can help lift the energy of the people who live in the space and our Reprodution Tile Range is just perfect for the job! At Jatana we pride ourselves in designing and producing quality Tiles that are made in traditional ways, and many of our products are hand-made by artisans with years of experience and traditions that date generations.

The connotations of the word Reproduction aren’t at all flattering or inspiring but to us, at Jatana Interiors our Reproduction Encaustic Tile Range is considered an ode to the charm and magic of those long lost antique tiles that we just can’t get enough of, as well as a celebration of Sonya’s incredible design sensibilities! The word Reproduction when uttered in our showroom is a most exciting and vibrant word filled with potential and endless possibility!

The Jatana Reproduction Tile Range is based on a similar style to the Antique Tiles that we offer, abundant with colour, pattern, and character that is sure to create not only an impact but an inviting atmosphere and mood in any space be it a home, a dimly lit bar or a bustling restaurant. They are as perfect for enhancing the beauty of an old apartment block as they are for adding elegance to a modern unit, there really isn’t much these tiles can’t do.