The history of Tiles is long and rich, and perhaps as enchantingly beautiful as many Tiles themselves; the use of Tiles can be dated back as early as 400BC when they graced the Egyptian Temples and Babalonyian palaces of years long past. Tiles have been used throughout history to add colour, texture, and pattern and create a sense of scale and decoration to an interior or exterior space, a design methodology that translates seamlessly into today’s Modern World.

Here at Jatana, we are forever captivated by the history and story of Tiles and their humble ability to transform a space, whether it be a home bathroom or a cafe floor. There is something inspiringly magical about Reproduction Encaustic Tiles and the design prowess they create with their colour, warmth, and beauty. There is nothing akin to the feeling of walking barefoot across a floor of Antique Encaustic Tiles that hold within them the stories left behind by the hundreds that have walked upon them for centuries gone by.

The Tiles we collate, collect, design and dream at Jatana are sourced and created to enhance the mood and harmony of any interior or exterior space. They traverse a wide range of interior aesthetics from striking organic Terracotta options to playful Moroccan and more lively Glazed Feature styles. We strive to provide a range of Tiles that inspire grand ideas (but are also perfect for small ones too!), nurture the connection between your space and self, and most importantly, make you feel comfortable and at home!

We are so fortunate to be part of such a vast range of projects, and it is our ultimate pleasure to share a few of our favourites with you in the hopes that our extraordinary Tiles will inspire you to Tile, that they will make you imagine projects that could be, or spark many wonderful ideas. But most of all, we hope that these tiled spaces make you smile big and with joy on the inside and out, just as they make us do each and every day!

Here’s to our imaginations staying inspired by beautiful things always.