Here at Jatana, we live and breath a world of exquisite tiles every single day, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Jatana Interiors was founded on the ethos of creating extraordinary spaces that make you smile on the inside, that nurture you, make you instantly comfortable and that are warm and beautiful… and what better way to do this than with tiles, but not just any tiles.

At Jatana we strive to design and source only the most unique, magnificent, exotic and rare tiles, for us the magic of tiles lays in the artisan touch, the inherent culture behind each tile and the history of their making. The Jatana tile range encompasses five different styles of tiles all with their own individual characteristics and many breathtaking designs.

To empower you on your journey to tile nirvana I would love to share with you a little helpful background information on each of the main tiles I curate for the Jatana range. For those that are not in the tile game, selecting the right tiles can be a daunting and overwhelming task. I’ve always found that knowledge is power and that by learning a little can help you a lot especially in the world of design!


There is nothing that compares to the magic of antique encaustic tiles, they are literally bursting at the seams with the history and stories of hundreds of years, their character built with each and every step that has been taken upon them. Our antique encaustic tiles are lovingly rescued and carefully salvaged from buildings around the world including hotels, churches, public spaces and old homes. We literally scour the globe in our quest to bring you the most incredible range of antique tiles and it is this dedication that makes Jatana the largest importer of antique encaustic tiles in Australia. Some of our favourite tile sourcing locations include Morrocco, Cuba, Rajasthan, the Middle East and Southern Europe. Being rare, old and handmade, antique encaustic tiles bring a unique feeling of depth and meaning to any space, be it interior or exterior, to which they are applied, their history, beauty and imperfections simply cannot be replicated and this is what we love most about this style of tile!

TIP: Antique tiles are also known as encaustic tiles, reclaimed tiles, vintage tiles, hydraulic tiles, Cuban tiles, carreaux de cement and tessellated tiles.


Sometimes I fall so in love with an original antique tile pattern only to see it sell with the knowledge that this tile pattern is now unavailable forever…this is devastating and an issue that I counteract by designing a most dreamy Jatana reproduction range inspired by all those long lost antique tiles that are forever etched in my memory! These reproduction tiles replicate to perfection those old-world feels combined with a vast scope of application, these are tiles that are ideal for a myriad of interior styles, homes, commercial interiors and exterior spaces of any varied shape or size. The Jatana reproduction range is resplendent with tile designs in a diverse range of colours, styles and patterns to ensure they infuse atmosphere, charm, impact and elegance a plenty into your space. From bar walls and restaurants floors to home splashbacks, bathrooms and fireplaces you are always sure to find a reproduction tile that not only suits your needs but that makes your heart beat just that little bit faster.

TIP: All Jatana reproduction tiles are made in a standard size measure. 20 x 20 x 1.6


Exuding warm, earthy and natural vibes the traditional Jatana terracotta tile range is perfection for adding a touch of raw, rustic nature into the interior or exterior of your home. These artisan tiles are perfectly imperfect, each one being made by skilled hands meaning that no two tiles are exactly identical…and in a world of cookie-cutter, we adore this varied naturalness! The Jatana terracotta range is extensive and encompasses many varied shapes and sizes of tile each one assured to fill your space with its unique charm and intrinsic homely warmth. Terracotta tiles work so exquisitely back with the rest of the Jatana range and pair to perfection with every style…always good to know for those of us that have a hard time choosing just one incredible tile option!

TIP: Our Terracotta tiles are unglazed and will need to be sealed with a penetrating sealer to protect them from moisture absorption.


Morrocan tiles are richly steeped with history and tradition, they are created with knowledge and skills that have been passed from generation to generation of talented Morrocan artisans since the 1300s. These tiles are literally individual works of art that have taken each artisan many years to perfect from start to finish. The process begins with the hand harvesting of clay from a quarry that is then refined and dried. The dried clay is then cut and painted, again by hand, before being fired, glazed and refined to produce the magnificent end result. Some Morrocan tiles are also hand-etched, thus requiring a delicate hammered chiselling process that is said to take decades for these dedicated artisans to master. We adore the distinctive, most memorable charm that these handmade tiles offer, they really are just like hanging many little artworks in your space…each individual tiles slight variations adding character and beauty to your interior or exterior. We excitedly offer an extensive palette of these tiles as part of our Jatana range and have Morocaan tiles available in classic cobalt blue, soft and subtle pink as well as the ever so incredible jade and emerald green colour ways. This is tile style that you are sure to continue to fall in love with wether it be in your home or commercial space.

TIP: The correct name for this classic Moroccan style tile is Zellige. son


Our love affair with tiles and India is enormous here at Jatana and we couldn’t help but offer a lovely selection of glazed feature tiles in conjunction with our Moroccan hand made tiles. Known as Blue pottery these magical tiles are made in the surrounding villages of Jaipur in Rajasthan, each tile hand painted with skill and artisan knowledge that transforms it into a true work of art. Jatana interiors is eternally honoured to offer a small, bespoke range of these super precious Blue pottery tiles. These breath taking tiles are ideal for splash backs, feature walls and table tops, or to be honest they are perfect anywhere that you feel needs a charming splash of colour and a little Indian allure.

TIP: The name is derived from the very strong blue dyes used to colour the tiles and was first developed by Mongol artisans using Chinese  technology and Persian designs.

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