One of the most hotly anticipated yearly announcements in the design world is the Pantone trend report including the release of their Colour of the year. For the new decade that is, Pantone chose the timeless and enduring hue – Classic Blue, a tone that is elegant in its simplicity and suggestive of the sky during those most magical lingering moments of dusk.

Colour has an extraordinary connection within the human psyche it is truly intrinsic to the human world from our home interiors to the clothes we wear colour is everything and so much more. It has the power to evoke emotion and memories, create mood, influence decisions and set the tone and narrative of our lives at given time. 

Here at Jatana, we are not shy about our love for colour. Colour infiltrates every corner of the office, showroom and tiles and is something of an enormous and infectious passion of Sonyas! Classic blue has always been a tone that has predominated the Jatana range..from time-worn antique encaustic tiles with their captivating blue patterns to the beautiful handmade Morrocan and glazed tiles that embrace a life long legacy and history steeped in blue pigment.

It is no wonder that blue is a colour that permeates interior design and the tile world, it a stable foundation colour, one that is dependable and has reassuring and restful connotations. Selecting tiles that feature classic blue tones is a great way to create a sense of peace and tranquillity within the home/business interior or exterior.

Classic blue as a colour is said to aid in concentration and re-centre our thoughts (always a good idea!) As a reflective blue tone it also fosters resilience, which is a little something we all need amidst the instability of our current landscapes. Simply said, blue is an honest colour that offers protection and a sense of calm, familiar dependability in the chaos of the modern world.

At Jatana our blue encaustic tiles permeate many of our clients projects and we are fortunate enough to see our tiles create serene havens in bathrooms, kitchens and everywhere in between! For Sonya the honesty, integrity and classic nature of a blue tile is the ultimate in design and this is reflected in the incredible myriad of classic blue tiles encompassed within the Jatana range.